Hiya, welcome to Critter Assistance.

I promote what I call planet awareness.

Because Earth is not a flat pack. We can’t go back to Ikea and get a new one. We don’t own the planet. We share it with a lot of other species, many of which have lived on the planet much longer than we have.

So I also offer critter assistance,  promoting a life in harmony with the critters around us who share their habitat with us. 😉

My name is Angie Souren, and I am Dutch. I have worked in tourism in Amsterdam, where I spent most of my life. I have been an extra for film and TV, and have done many other things. I am also a fully-fledged geologist and marine biogeochemist, however. You’d think that I would have learned a great deal about the planet in a professional capacity – and I sure did – but I also learned a heck of a lot from… birds!

I have lived in several countries, including the US, and am now based in Portsmouth in the UK. I started my small business in 1997 and gradually changed focus over the years.

Besides what it says above and elsewhere on this website, among other things, I write and edit, fix up a small piece of furniture every once in while, translate the occasional novel, play and listen to music and I offer luxury English gift baskets (with as many organic products as I can find, and preferably from Hampshire) to people in my home country. I also dabble in bioethics (and yes, I have an interest in law). There is a lot of overlap between wildlife issues and bioethics, certainly from a humane/moral and mindfulness context.

I grew up in an area with moors and woods where, as a youngster, I used to roam for hours. I have always had animals around me, from dogs and cats to calves and cows and horses. I volunteered in wild-bird rehab in Florida for a while, and have had three cats and three birds as part of my household. I have also advised individual people and even zoos all over the world with regard to armadillos.

I have emigrated across a large expanse of water three times, once with two cats, once with two cats and two birds and once with two birds and one cat. I am currently friendly with a pair of pigeons who stop by at my place the way some house cats drop in on some of the homes in their neighbourhood.